Born in 1988, Tainan, Taiwan

Received Master’s degree in Information Design from the Design Academy Eindhoven (DAE) in 2018.

Ishtar Hsu’s works are mostly unconscious material destruction, paint splashing, cut-and-paste recombination, or image distortion through re-photographing with no explorations of profound philosophies or no drawings of specific objects. The seemingly ridiculous behavior is the way she constantly probes the aesthetic standards through self-talk in visual language. She unexpectedly opens up the imagination of using art and design as a tool to analyze, re-organize, and re-present her creative ideas in the artistic explorations. Since then, she starts to see design as a process of exploring the communication/construction relationship between herself (as an individual) and the society (as a group). Currently, Ishtar Hsu lives in the Netherlands as a freelance designer/artist, continuing her journey of creation and exploration.


Design Academy Eindhoven
Master of Information Design  2018畢業

Ishtar Hsu 的作品多為無意識的材料破壞、顏料潑灑、黏貼重組、zoom in或再次翻拍致圖像扭曲變形,內容不探討深奧的道理,不畫具體物件。看似荒謬的行為,卻是她透過視覺語言的自我對話,不斷揣度美學準則的方式。過程中,意外開啟對設計作為工具——剖析、重整與再呈現的想像,將設計視為探索自身(作為個體)與社會(作為群體)溝通與建構關係的過程。


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