Received Master’s degree in Information Design from the Design Academy Eindhoven (DAE) in 2018.

Ishtar Hsu’s works are mostly unconscious material destruction, paint splashing, cut-and-paste recombination, or image distortion through re-photographing. The seemingly ridiculous behavior is, in fact, the form of self-questioning and self-answering for her to constantly challenge the traditional framework of aesthetics. Insisting on not deliberately setting up a still life, she encounters all things and objects in her life with the simplest thought. Day after day, she honestly asks questions with her eyes, shots with a subconscious mind, cuts the photos, or sticks her fingers inside the body of the objects photographed. The mobile phone and the scanner are Ishtar Hsu’s sketching pens. Instagram was initially used as a sketchbook collection practice. At present, Ishtar is a freelance graphic designer and a visual artist, swinging between 3-D objects and 2-D images with various medias.

2018年畢業於Design Academy Eindhoven Master of Information Design

Ishtar Hsu的作品多為無意識的材料破壞、顏料潑灑、黏貼重組或再次翻拍致圖像扭曲變形,看似荒謬的行為,卻是不斷揣度美學框架的自問自答,她堅持不刻意擺設靜物,抱持單純的心情面對生活中所能遇到的物件,日復一日,誠實地以雙眼提問,下意識拍攝、剪開照片或伸出指頭戳入被拍攝體內。他拍攝靜物,也製作靜物,不斷往返實體物件和平面影像中。

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