O Magazine

Cooperated with Adriana Comparetto, Ania Kic, Sun Lee2017

The series of magazine has been born by presenting the research for the assignment that was given by Rijksbouwmeester—Dutch National Architect— in collaboration of DAE. The aim was meant to define and propose the alternative for De Kruisberg building in Doetinchem, a former prison, now with empty and with no use.

By establishing the title and general character of the magazine, the team decided to use the mandarin sign wéi, meaning enclosure. The editorial team believe it relates perfectly to De Kruisberg, as the beauty of this symbol is that by adding different characters into it, it’s meaning can change. Our research revolved around very broad spectrum of topic: from aboriginal self-governed communities, through self-management and open-source reference, to physical loneliness, the need we have for touch and human relationships.

We believe by adding meaningful elements to the space, what used to be enclosure can become empowerment. Also pretty much all the topic we researched in creating the magazine share common ground: they all exist with in the context of the individualistic society.

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